Covering Autism In CT; Mental Health Parity

Jun 24, 2014

Connecticut's insurance department has just issued a bulletin that will affect how insurers cover autism - or could. According to this Kaiser Health News story by Michelle Andrews, autism advocates have worked hard over the years to ensure complex conditions like autism get the kind of insurance coverage they need - for long-term behavioral therapy, for example. But now:

"Advocates, however, are concerned that state actions like those in Connecticut could chip away at hard-won coverage gains. That state has defined autism behavioral therapy as a type of medical benefit not subject to the mental health parity law, a move that allows insurers more latitude to limit the benefits they offer."

Rhode Island mandates some autism coverage, but only until age 15, as far as I understand it. And there are increasingly more comprehensive mental health and medical parity laws on our books (meaning that mental health and medical conditions must be covered equally well, in a nutshell).

Have you struggled to get coverage for autism-related treatments for your child? Let me know.