Cranston Bail Out Proposed

Cranston – Residents of Cranston would face an additional tax increase this year of nearly 13 percent, under a fiscal recovery plan unveiled Tuesday night by Mayor Stephen Laffey. That follows an 11.5 percent increase already enacted.

Laffey also proposes $11-million in spending cuts. He has not decided exactly where those cuts would be made. Laffey said he knew the cuts and tax increase would be difficult for all residents, even though that prior to this year property tax increases in Cranston had been the lowest in Rhode Island.

A second tax hike for this year is subject to approval by the General Assembly and Governor Carcieri. Laffey has met with the governor and lawmakers and says he expects they will go along. The Cranston City Council Tuesday night endorsed Laffey's proposals. It scheduled an emergency meeting Wednesday night to vote on the tax increase.

WRNI's Deborah Becker spoke with Mayor Laffey on Morning Edition.