Cranston City Councilors Want State Police To Probe Ticket Scandal

Jan 9, 2014

Two Cranston city councilors are calling on the state police to take over an investigation into allegations that city police issued parking tickets as political retaliation. 


It’s been several weeks since Cranston city councilors Steve Stycos and Paul Archetto complained about their wards being blanketed with parking tickets shortly after they voted against a police contract. Both councilors have alleged that the tickets were punishment for their votes, which would have given Cranston officers a roughly eleven percent raise over three years.

Archetto says he’s tired of waiting for Cranston police to finish their internal investigation. What’s more, he has serious doubts about whether the department is capable of conducting an impartial review. So he and Stycos have introduced a resolution that, if approved, would put state police in charge of the probe.

"It’s so incestuous with relatives and family relations that it’s very difficult to ascertain the truth within that department," said Archetto.

Archetto says he hasn’t counted votes, but he suspects the Cranston City Council is sharply divided over the idea of bringing in state police. He expects a close vote.

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