Cranston Mayor Allan Fung's Political Future

Jan 15, 2014

Now that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has made public that he killed a man in a car accident 25 years ago, the question remains: how will this affect his run for governor?

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Veteran Rhode Island pollster Joseph Fleming says he is almost certain that with his emotionally-charged news conference, Fung successfully put the fatal crash in his rear view mirror. 

"I think Allan did a smart thing bringing it out to the public early on in the campaign – and bringing it out himself instead of letting rumors stay and people question things. You know when you bring it forward yourself the voters look at it in a lot better light than somebody else bringing it up and then you’re out there defending yourself," said Fung.

Fleming says Cranston’s parking ticket scandal is much more likely to hurt Fung.

Two Cranston city councilors have accused Cranston police of blanketing their neighborhoods with parking tickets in retaliation for their votes against a police contract.  Cranston police Chief Marco Palombo has been put on indefinite paid leave while state police investigate the matter.

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