Cranston woman wins disability benefits

PROVIDENCE, RI – A judge has awarded a Cranston woman 30 years of Social Security disability benefits that were denied her mentally ill husband.

It took 36 years and six long years of litigation but Cecilia Frusher has finally been awarded the Social Security disability benefits owed her husband, Richard Frusher.

He died in 2005 after a long bout with schizophrenia.

Although he was repeatedly pounding his head against the wall as early as 1974 the Social Security Administration repeatedly turned down his petition for benefits, ruling he was not disabled.

His widow feels vindicated.

"Oh I wish I could tell my husband. I wish he could know that he won. My kids are excited. We're excited over the fairness of it," she says.

Frusher declined to say how much money she received but it was enough to pay off her house and put some money in her savings account as well.

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