Critics blast Carcieri for Deepwater Wind deal

Providence, RI – Governor Donald Carcieri is facing criticism from fellow Republicans because of his support for Deepwater Wind's controversial power purchase agreement.

House Minority Leader Robert Watson of East Greenwich says the agreement will hurt Rhode Island's business climate.

"Deepwater is going to raise electric rates, and that's unequivocal and non-debatable. And we are all talking about we need to create jobs, we need to do something about unemployment," says Watson.

State Republican Party Chairman Giovanni Cicione also criticized the Deepwater project. Cicione says Carcieri and the General Assembly shoped the regulatory process to specifically benefit Deepwater Wind.

Carcieri has called the power purchase agreement an important step for luanching a renewable energy sector in Rhode Island. He says benefits will outweigh increased electricity costs.

The power purchase agreement was approved Wednesday by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.