CRMC Subcommittee To Hold Hearing On Deepwater Wind's Permit Application

Feb 4, 2014

A subcommittee of the Coastal Resources Management Council will hold its first public hearing today on Deepwater Wind’s permit application to build an off-shore wind farm in Rhode Island waters.

Credit RIPR File

The hearing is the first of two scheduled for this month.

Deepwater proposes to build a wind farm with five turbines, 3 miles southeast of Block Island, and an underwater transmission cable that would run from Block Island to the Rhode Island mainland.

Laura Dwyer, the Coastal Resources Management Council's public educator and information coordinator, said the subcommittee will evaluate this proposed project against environmental standards.

“More than likely we will have more than two [hearings], but that’s just at the subcommittee level and then it will go to the full council for a decision,” said Dwyer.

Deepwater’s proposed project could potentially be the first offshore wind farm in Rhode Island.

The public hearing will take place at 4 o’clock in the Corless Auditorium at the University of Rhode Island’s Bay Campus.

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