CSN Makes Big Mistake In Letting Sean McAdam Go

Dec 23, 2016

So I’m reading my Boston Globe sports page this a.m. when I spied Chad Finn’s sports media column and I almost tossed up in my Cheerios: CSN is cutting old friend and great baseball analyst Sean McAdam, along with veteran Boston sports guru Bob Neumeier.

McAdam is no stranger to Rhode Islanders – he got his start with Chuck Wilson’s radio sports show on WPRO, gained his reputation as a great Red Sox beat writer with the Providence Journal and later covered the Sawx for the Boston Herald. For the past seven years McAdam has been with CSN, where he delivers incisive baseball commentary.

As Finn wrote: ``With the dismissals –which, according to industry sources with knowledge of the situation, may not be the last ones Comcast make—CSN loses two respected voices and an extraordinary amount of institutional knowledge on the Boston sports scene.’’

Neumy, as he was universally known, was a top sports anchor for years in Boston (channel  4) and was a national expert on horse racing, often covering top Triple Crown races for NBC nationally.

McAdam is an very well informed voice of reason and pragmatism, attributes that are being pushed to the sidelines these days as cable sports television becomes more like talk radio and political cable channels –lots of sensational opinions, replete with shouting, conspiracy nonsense and other forms of rank stupidity.

McAdam is also a gentleman and a humble, smart fellow in an era when programmers seem to prefer ass clowns with opinions over fact-based commentary. McAdam also carries a deep knowledge of baseball history and has forgotten more about New England sports than many of the young fraternity-house handsome young poseurs who babble about games without knowing much.

Because he is so talented, McAdam will likely land on his feet – he always does—but this is still a really dumb move. It would be really smart for NESN, which carries the Sawx games, to pick up McAdam.