CVS fined for selling meth ingredient

Providence, RI – Woonsocket based pharmacy giant CVS has agreed to pay more than $77 million dollars in fines for selling a key meth ingredient to drug makers. Federal prosecutors say CVS allowed customers to buy pseudoephedrine multiple times a day and at multiple stores, despite a law that limits the amount of the drug an individual can buy.

Assistant US attorney Shana Mintz says drug enforcement officials in LA saw the influence of CVS's policies when they broke up meth labs.

"They would find the shopping bags from CVS and the packaging of the CVS generic pseudoephedrine product there," Mintz says. "So yeah, we know it had a direct impact on meth production in Southern California."

CVS's fine is the largest civil penalty in the history of the controlled substances act.

In a written statement, CVS chairman and CEO Thomas Ryan says the move was an unacceptable breach of the company's policies and totally inconsistent with CVS's values.

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