Dan Doyle Sentenced To Seven Years In Jail

Aug 10, 2017

Doyle was convicted of stealing more than $1 million from a youth sports nonprofit he founded, the Institute for International Sport.

Dressed in a black suit jacket, Doyle was stoic throughout the proceedings. In fact he barely looked up from a spiral bound notebook in which he wrote continuously, as the state and his defense addressed the courtroom.

The state’s attorneys sought a sentence above what is typical for most white collar crime. They argued that Doyle’s stealing money from grants and the state, meant to go to youth sports made his offenses more egregious.

Doyle’s defense asked for leniency, pointing to the Institute’s good works over the years, and his role as primary caretaker of an adult child with severe autism.

After the judge handed down the sentence, Doyle’s face registered visible no change in emotion. The judge also denied a stay of the sentence for an appeal, as well as a one month stay, to tie up personal affairs. Doyle was taken into custody immediately.

At least one person seated with family members in the courtroom was visibly crying as Doyle was lead out in handcuffs. John Bender, Rhode Island Public Radio.