In debate, Caprio defends "shove it" comment

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio is standing by his remark that President Obama can take his endorsement and quote "shove it." The four major candidates for governor chimed in on the controversial comment in a debate last night.

Last night's Channel 12 debate was the first since President Obama's trip to the state earlier this week. Republican John Robitaille said Caprio's comment raised questions about whether he has the temperament to make good decisions as governor.

"I differ from President Obama in a lot of policy ways," Robitaille says. "But I would never disrespect the President of the United States the way this man did."

Caprio said he would fight for Rhode Islanders and if that meant telling someone to shove it, he would tell them to shove it.

Caprio made national news this week when he responded to President Obama's decision not to endorse a candidate in the governor's race. The two politicians are both Democrats.

In last night's debate, the candidates also touched on small businesses, taxes and the performance of the general assembly.

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