Deep Freeze Could Make For Messy Commute

Feb 3, 2015

As Rhode Islanders continue to dig out from Monday’s snow storm, they’ll have to do it in the frigid cold.

A driver heads up Exchange Terrace Tuesday morning in Providence.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

Across the state, temperatures are hovering around ten degrees, with wind chills making it well below zero.  National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Nocera said Rhode Island won’t get much a reprieve as the day wears on.  “Despite some sunshine temperatures are only going to get up to 15, 17 degrees, that’s it.  The good news is that the winds will diminish this afternoon,” said Nocera.

Peter Gaynor, director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency says only two customers lost power Tuesday. And even though the combination of sleet and snow cancelled school and kept most people home, Gaynor says this was a pretty much a typical New England storm.

“For this time of year, a typical storm. More to come, I’m sure, it’s just the beginning of February so I would expect a few more storms before we’re out of it,” said Gaynor.

State police responded to 48 accidents and 64 roadside calls for help. The state’s emergency management agency says most people behaved yesterday and stayed home and off the slick and snowy roads.  The agency says the supply of road salt and sand is in good shape, but will likely need replenishing before the next big storm hits.

Tonight, clear skies are expected, but things will only get colder tonight. “Another chilly night ahead, temperatures between five and ten degrees tonight, and then tomorrow, we could have a little bit of light snow in the morning,” said Nocera.

But don’t fear; the weather service is only predicting flurries for Wednesday morning.  Accumulations are only expected to reach about an inch.  A chance of more snow is expected later in the week.

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