Deepwater Wind asks CRMC to waive application fee

Jan 28, 2013

Wind Turbine - RIPR File Photo

Deepwater Wind has asked the Coastal Resources Management Council to waive an application fee for the proposed Block Island Wind Farm.  The application fee is steep.... $700,000.

It would cover the paperwork CRMC requires to build the proposed five off-shore wind turbines off the coast of Block Island. Deepwater Wind CEO Jeff Grybowski says the fee is based on standard calculations.

“The fee is actually a formula in CRMC’s rulebook on how you come up with the fee and it’s based on the size and cost of the project," he says. "So a dock next to someone’s house has one fee and an off-shore wind farm has a fee that’s significantly larger than that.”

Grybowski says Deepwater is looking to waive the fee as it contributed more than $3 million dollars to help cover ocean studies conducted by CRMC. The CRMC say it always considers any applicant’s request to waive application fees.

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