DEM: August Is Forest Pest Awareness Month In RI

Aug 4, 2014

The Department of Environmental Management is offering two workshops about the invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle this month. August is Forest Pest Awareness Month.

The formidable Asian Longhorned beetle can deforest massive tracts of land.

Outside of these workshops, look for information tags on trees in popular parks and recreational areas around the state. DEM staff strategically placed them on types of trees vulnerable to Asian Longhorned beetle infestations. The tags encourage people to look for signs and symptoms of the beetle on their home trees or out in other environments. Signs of the Asian Longhorned Beetle include dime-sized holes with oozing sap or sawdust-like material made up of tree shavings and insect waste. Dead and dying tree limbs or branches, and yellowing leaves in areas with no drought problems may also point to the invasive species.

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