DEM Looking into Narragansett Bay Pollution

Feb 27, 2013

Shell fishermen are banned from fishing in the Upper Narragansett Bay. The Department of Environmental Management has found high levels of bacteria in the water.

DEM’s Chief of Surface Water Protection, Angelo Liberti, says it’s due to a portion of the Bucklin Point Wastewater Treatment plant in East Providence being taken offline. "And with the last rain event, they had some trouble balancing their treatment flow through their system which resulted in the release of partially treated wastewater.”

He says the DEM is investigating the pollution. “So the biggest thing that we want to understand is that if there is something that could have been avoided, that we put procedures in place to avoid it in the future.”

Bucklin Point is currently upgrading its facilities.  Liberti says shellfishing should reopen within a week.  

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