Democrats debate in 1st Congressional District race

Providence, R.I. – The four Democrats running for the First Congressional District all said that they support bringing the troops home from Afghanistan.

They made the comments during Tuesday night's League of Women Voter's debate. David Segal said he would vote against any future funding of the war, while David Cicilline said it's in the country's long-term interest to have a smaller footprint in Afghanistan.

"I believe it's time to bring our troops home, to invest those resources to rebuilding our bridges, roads, schools in this country," Cicilline said. "To invest in infrastructure and transit and to invest in our seniors our veterans and take care of the priorities in this country first."

Anthony Gemma said he supported a June 20-11 timetable for troop withdrawal, while Bill Lynch called it the wrong war at the wrong time. WRNI will broadcast a debate with the Democrats running for the 2nd Congressional District tonight at 8 o'clock.