Department of Health Cracking Down On Ambulance Company

Dec 11, 2013

Imagine riding in an ambulance without heat. That’s apparently been the reality for some people who use the New England Ambulance Company.  The state Health Department is putting a stop to the practice.

The Rhode Island Health Department has ordered the New England Ambulance Company to stop running vehicles without heat.  The department says it will issue fines of 100 dollars a day if the Johnston firm continues to do so.

The Health Department began investigating New England Ambulance last month after receiving a complaint. A field technician inspected one ambulance and found it had an inoperable heating unit.  The Health Department says a company employee admitted that some of its ambulances do not have heat or have broken heating units.

Officials say the company has been operating in violation of Rhode Island law, which requires ambulances to be heated. 

The Health Department has ordered the company to run all its ambulances with a minimum temperature of 68.  Ambulances with broken heaters must be taken out of circulation until they’re repaired.

New England Ambulance president John Vernancio declined comment.

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