Did Copar Quarries Expand Beyond its Means?

Mar 27, 2013

In Westerly, the Zoning Board is holding a special meeting this evening about a controversial quarry. The board is hearing an appeal about an expansion at the quarry.

The Town Council of Westerly says Copar Quarries expanded operations into adjoining land known as the Lucy property. The Zoning Board cited Copar for expanding without the proper paperwork. But the quarry appealed the decision. Copar officials say they had the right to expand. Town Councilman Caswell Cooke believes the quarry is acting outside it means.

“I mean, I’ve come down on, as the whole council has on the side of the neighbors," he says. "That there’s got to be a way to mitigate what’s going on.”

Residents have complained the quarry is causing health problems. A Superior Court Judge recently struck down a lawsuit that sought to temporarily shut down operations at the quarry.