Diossa: restoring trust is the key to raising investment in Central Falls

Dec 14, 2012

James Diossa, the mayor-elect of Central Falls, says he hopes to raise the level of investment in the city by restoring confidence in its municipal government.

During an interview broadcast this morning on RIPR, Diossa said:

“Speaking to a lot of businesses and those outside of the city, they say, ‘How am I going to invest money into a city that is corrupt, that I can’t trust?’ So that’s a priority to me, and that’s why I’ve been stressing the point that I need to show I’m going to work very openly and honestly and support good initiatives.

“And most impotantly, I need to support the existing businesses there who are our backbone, who have survived this bankruptcy, and believe or not, are thriving right now.”

Diossa, 27, won election Tuesday with 66 percent of the vote. He also joined us yesterday for a taping of RIPR’s Political Roundtable. He says ushering in a new ethics ordinance will be among his first steps as mayor.

Diossa’s predecessor, Charles Moreau, pleaded guilty last month to corruption charges and is due to be sentenced February 12. A swearing-in for the mayor-elect has not yet been scheduled.