Dividers Installed Along Pell Bridge In Newport

Feb 6, 2014

Road crews have begun installing hundreds of dividers down the center of the Pell Bridge in Newport. About five hundred three-foot yellow posts will stretch the two mile span.

Dividers down the center of the Pell Bridge in Newport should all be installed by the end of the week.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority Director David Darlington said the dividers will not keep people from crossing into oncoming traffic, but should help keep those accidents from occurring in the first place.

“What we’ve put up will remind folks that are driving distracted or tired; they’ll hear and feel these devices if they don’t see them.  So that will help prevent some of those folks from crossing over, but it will not prohibit a vehicle from crossing into the oncoming lane," said Darlington.

He added, the Authority is still looking at the possibility of a solid barrier down the center of the bridge. The current divider project cost just over one-hundred thousand dollars, and was paid for with bridge tolls.

They should all be up by Friday afternoon.

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