Doherty kicks off Congressional campaign

PROVIDENCE, RI – Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty says his campaign to unseat former Providence mayor David Cicilline will be about character and accountability. Doherty's comments were made to hundreds of volunteers at an election year kick-off breakfast Sunday.

About 200 supporters turned out for the Brendan Doherty volunteer breakfast held at the Lusitania Club in Cumberland. The candidate never mentioned his opponent, Congressman and former Providence mayor David Cicilline by name, but in a ten minute speech drew a contrast that was clear.

"Leadership is about taking responsibility for what happens on your watch, Doherty says. "And we didn't see that 14 months ago in the city of Providence."

The city that Cicilline led for eight years is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and some have accused the former mayor of covering up the magnitude of the problem. Doherty also raised the issue of character:

"What is your congressman doing in Washington when no one is watching?" Doherty asks. "My name is Brendan Doherty. I'm running for congress so you won't have to ask that question."

Doherty is anti abortion and opposes same sex marriage. He supports a tall fence to deter illegal immigration and flat taxes on individuals and corporations, though he hasn't said what percentages those taxes should be.

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