Doherty’s Democratic big government bonnanza

Oct 25, 2012

Republican 1st District Congressional candidate Brendan Doherty is fond of railing against big government Democrats in Washington, D.C., but he sure has done well by the policies of the Rhode Island Democrats who have dominated our State House for eons.

Doherty, the former superintendent of the state police and a career police officer, collects an annual pension of nearly $100,000, a pension that he did not have to contribute anything to. According to the state general treasurer’s office, which administers state pensions, Doherty receives a monthly pension of $ 8,096.62, or $97,859.44 annually. Joy Fox, spokeswoman for state General Treasurer Gina Raimondo, confirmed that Doherty collects a pension that does not require an employee contribution.

No one questions that Doherty was anything but an exemplary state employee and public servant. But his generous pension may give a hint as to why he has been reluctant in debates to offer an opinion on the state pension overhaul pushed through the General Assembly at Raimondo’s urging during last year’s special pension session.