Doherty walks a fine line in backing Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan

Aug 11, 2012

As might be expected, GOP congressional candidate Brendan Doherty is applauding Mitt Romney’s VP selection of Paul Ryan while disavowing some of the things Ryan supports:

“I have had an opportunity to meet Representative Ryan and have found him to be an articulate, intelligent, and open-minded public servant,” began Doherty.  “While I do not agree with his proposals on Medicare and his opposition to the Simpson-Bowles Plan, I certainly commend his commitment to cutting wasteful government spending, reducing our federal deficit, simplifying the tax code, and mitigating the crushing burden of debt that we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.”

“I also respect Representative Ryan for his willingness to cross party lines and forge consensus on common sense ideas, as exemplified by the recent passage through the House of the Expedited Legislative Line-Item Veto and Rescissions Act of 2012, which was co-sponsored by Ryan and his Democrat counterpart on the Budget Committee, Representative Christopher Van Hollen of Maryland.”

“I do not believe that one political party is good and the other is bad. I do not believe that one party is for the middle class and the other is against it. I believe that most Republicans and Democrats have the interests of America at heart and that the best proposals are often those in which members of both parties are able to put aside their differences and advance common sense solutions for the good of all Americans,” Doherty continued.  “Regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election, I will not be a Congressman who concerns himself with party labels, ideologies, or partisan rhetoric. I will focus on ideas that are formed through the cooperation of like-minded leaders from both parties, and those leaders then build consensus on both sides of the aisle. This is how America used to be, that is how it must be going forward, and Rhode Islanders can trust me to remain true to my commitment to bring a stronger voice of leadership to Washington, D.C. on their behalf.”

Doherty’s Democratic rivals, just as predictably, have hammered the selection of Ryan.