Doherty:Voters can't trust Cicilline

PROVIDENCE, RI – Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty went on the attack against Democratic incumbent David Cicilline Wednesday morning. Doherty says Cicilline doesn't deserve the trust of voters.

Cicilline has tried to link Doherty with the agenda of national Republicans like vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. But Doherty says Cicilline is distorting how he would vote on issues like Medicare, the federally subsidized healthcare program for the elderly.

"The truth is, I will not vote for any plan that privatizes Medicare or in any way alters the current structure of the Medicare program," says Doherty. "The best way to control Medicare spending is to address the root of the problem, the overall cost of healthcare."

Accusing Cicilline of a series of deceptions, Doherty said he doesn't support privatizing Social Security or cutting those benefits. Cicilline has defended his oversight of Providence as mayor. He also argues Republican values are out of step with most Rhode Island voters.

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