Donated items chronicle a century of travel

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales University has received a collection of travel ephemera. It speaks of a time when food and service were more important to travelers than speed and price.

A New York man donated the collection of more than 300 pieces of travel ephemera. The collection includes travel publications from 1876 to 1981 according to Richard Gutman, director and curator of the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales.

"One of the interesting books was called How to Prepare for Europe' and it came on the market in 1909," said Gutman, "and I don't think they were saying how to prepare for Europe that is on the brink of the great war."

Another old piece recommends that tourists visit the "new" public library in Boston.

Gutman said the museum hopes to build a replica of a vintage travel agent's office to display the materials.

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