Dropping Temperatures Causing Serious Plumbing Problems In RI

Jan 7, 2014

Temperatures in the teens are causing water pipes to burst all over Rhode Island. Plumbers statewide are flat out responding to an upsurge in calls for help.

A Cranston-based plumbing company says its call volume has increased 70 percent because of cold weather-related water pipe ruptures.  Carlos Cardeal, a foreman at Statewide Plumbing and Heating, says 99 percent of all pipe breaks can be attributed to two causes: a lack of insulation in the home and keeping the temperature of the house too low.

"It’s basically pipes going on on outside walls of buildings. Basically the exterior walls. If any plumbing is in those particular walls then they’re most definitely susceptible to the freezing, especially if people keep their heat low because obviously they’re afraid to pay their oil bill or whatever. You have to really keep the thermostat up, especially in Rhode Island because a lot of the properties out here are extremely cold," said Cardeal.

Cardeal recommends keeping home heat no lower than 60 degrees, opening cabinet doors under sinks and keeping both hot and cold water faucets dripping steadily.

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