Econ trumps biology at Brown

May 25, 2012

Economics has surpassed the biological sciences as the most popular field at Brown University. Roughly 220 members of the undergraduate class of 2012 will receive economics degrees during commencement exercises this weekend.

Biological sciences are the second most popular degree with 200 concentrators, while international relations comes in a distant third.

Economics started to pick up steam at Brown in 2008, just after what many observers consider to be the start of the economic downturn. In the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s, the biological sciences were regularly the most popular undergraduate concentrations.

When it comes to job prospects for the class of 2012, Brown officials say the numbers are uncertain because many students are just beginning their job search. As of now, the single largest group of  soon-to-be-graduates is going into education. That’s followed by banking and consulting,  at least for those students who have managed to land jobs.