Edgewood Yacht Club Looking To Rebuild In Cranston

Feb 3, 2014

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the Edgewood Yacht Club is seeking a permit to build a new clubhouse.

The Edgewood Yacht Club clubhouse before it was destroyed by a fire.
Credit Ericka Smith / flickr

The old Edgewood Yacht Club stood on pilings along the Providence River for more than 100 years, until a massive fire destroyed it back in January of 2011. Now the yacht club is working to build a new clubhouse, a 2,025 square-foot structure located at the same location. The Edgewood Yacht Club needs a permit from the Corps of Engineers before it can start building.

The Corps said there will be neither filling nor dredging associated with the construction.  And while there will be some loss of habitat, its effects would not be adverse to marine life.  

The Corps of Engineers will accept public comment on the project until the end of the month.

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