Education Advocacy Group With Providence Roots Returns To RI

Nov 30, 2016

Hundreds of teachers and school leaders are expected in Providence Thursday for the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum. The group was founded by former Brown University Education Chair Ted Sizer, who advocated for giving schools freedom to design their own programs.

“When we can, advocate for policies at the local, state, and federal levels to make sure that the kind of education that we think works best for kids can continue,” said Jill Davidson, the coalition’s managing director. “The phrase that we often use these days to describe the coalition work is that we 'advocate for deeper learning’ for students and with teachers.”

Davidson expects some 500 people to attend the forum.

“The ideas of the coalition, you know really point to schools that have some autonomy over their decision making so teachers and students together can plan and shape curriculum,” said Davidson.

This is the last year the group plans to offer an in-person gathering for teachers, parents, and other educators.  The Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum will feature a keynote speech from Stanford education professor Linda Darling-Hammond on the impact of the presidential election.