Election Day arrives

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Democrats and Republicans are making their final appeal to voters heading to Rhode Island polls today.

State Democratic leader Edwin Pacheco says getting out the vote has been his party's priority leading up to the election. Democratic candidates are facing strong challenges from Republican candidates in the governor and 1st congressional district races.

When asked what surprised him this election year, Pacheco said, "there is no surprises. Nothing should surprise anybody in Rhode Island politics.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio is in a tight race with Independent Lincoln Chafee and Republican John Robitaille. Democrat David Cicilline is facing a strong challenge from Republican John Loughlin.

Rhode Island GOP leader Gio Cicione says his party isn't taking any race for granted this Election Day. While Rhode Island is one of the most democratic states, the Republican candidates for governor and the 1st Congressional district are leading candidates in those races.

Cicione says while Republicans are riding a nation-wide momentum, every race in Rhode Island is going to be a close one.

"It's a lot harder for us, so we're always the underdogs we have been for decades," Ciccione says. "We've got a lot more work to do than our opposition, and we are going to struggle and fight before the polls close at 9 o'clock."

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