Electric Boat builds space for increased production

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island's top elected officials cut the ribbon at Electric Boat Tuesday afternoon on a new, massive production facility in Quonset Point. The $50 million facility gives the submarine builder room to meet increased demand.

The 146,000 square foot facility is designed to streamline the production of submarine modules for a section of the engine room and machinery.

Electric Boat will double its production and build two Virginia class submarines a year. And Electric Boat president John Casey said this building will help with production.

"And what you really can't see is where the steel plates are cut is adjacent to this building so those cut parts will transition right into production without having to go through a warehousing process," said Casey, " without having to be transported to the other side of the facility where they work had previously been done."

Casey said Electric Boat will also add more than 400 employees to its facility in Quonset Point over the next two years.

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