Electric Boat Looking to Expand at Quonset

Apr 11, 2013

Electric Boat is looking to expand its footprint at the Quonset Point shipyard. Electric Boat spokesman Bob Hamilton said discussions are preliminary at this point, but he said space will be needed for the construction of two, Virginia-class submarines and other work for the U.S. Navy.

“We expect to need some space for the Navy’s Moored Training Ships, which we’re involved with,” said Hamilton, “as well as the Ohio replacement, which is the next class of submarine.”

Hamilton said sequestration cuts will have a minimal impact on Electric Boat’s submarine building work.

Ohio-class Replacement Submarines

Ohio-class submarines carry ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. The current class of subs was built in the late 1970’s. Now the Navy is ready to replace the fleet with a dozen new ones.  Electric Boat has been awarded $1.86 billion to develop and design the replacement Ohio-class subs. The projected roll out is 16 years away.

Electric Boat’s Footprint at Quonset

Electric Boat is the largest employer at the Quonset shipyard, Quonset Development Corporation spokesman David Preston said Electric Boat has 2,500 workers there. He said talks started last June for Electric Boat to take on an additional 41 acres.

“It would mean an expanded presence for EB, and it would also continue to close the gap on the amount of acres that are available down there,” said Preston. “The business park is 3,200 acres, but there are only 350 acres left for development.”

Preston said Electric Boat currently leases 92 acres and owns almost 33. Neither the QDC nor Electric boat could say when expansion would happen or how many additional jobs it would involve.

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