Elorza Launches Fundraising by Targeting 30K in (Almost) 30 Days

Sep 3, 2013

Providence mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza plans to use his just-launched campaign Website to spark his fundraising efforts, hoping to raise an initial $30,000 in the just-under 30 days until the end of the third quarter on September 30.

Elorza, who previously said he needs between $300,000 and $500,000 to run an effective campaign, says he'll hit that target if he consistently raises between  $30,000 and $40,000 a month going forward. "I want to hit the ground running and build up momentum," says Elorza, a Roger Williams University Law School professor who recently confirmed his campaign plans.

Elorza and fellow Democrats Brett Smiley and Victor Capellan (not to mention Republican Daniel Harrop) still have a long ways to go to catch with the leader so far in fundraising for the 2014 mayoral race, City Council President Michael Solomon, who compiled an almost $500,000 war chest by the end of Q2. Capellan had a bit more than $34,000 banked by the end of the second quarter. Harrop loaned himself $100,000.

As it stands, any number of other candidates may jump into the race to succeed Angel Taveras, who is expected to run for governor; only Harrop has said he'll still run if Taveras doesn't move on.)

Elorza guested this past week on WPRI/WNAC-TV's Newsmakers and he says he plans to use social media to publicize his campaign.

Smiley, meanwhile, is no stranger to campaign fundraising and he says his early efforts are going well, although he declined to disclose how much he's raised so far. Smiley says he has five events this month; the first is September 10, and he says he's confident he'll be able to raise the $500,000 he considers necessary for a campaign.