EPA deal will clean up superfund site in RI

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Environmental Protection Agency has reached a deal with companies that sent materials to the Davis dump in Smithfield to pay for the decontamination of groundwater at the site. There's $9.5 million to pay for the cleanup.

The Davis Liquid Waste Superfund site sits on about 10 acres of land in rural Smithfield. During the 70's machine parts, chemicals and pesticides were dumped into unprotected lagoons and pits, and more than six million dumped tires were found on the site.

Residents complained that their drinking water smelled, and chemicals such as benzene and arsenic were discovered in drinking waters wells. Residents have since been moved to the public water supply.

The state sued the dump's owner nearly 20 years ago, now seven companies listed in the settlement will pay for future cleanup including work to decontaminate groundwater at the site.

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