EPA Head Tours RI Areas Affected By Climate Change

Jan 22, 2015

The regional head of the environmental protection agency said Rhode Island is doing state-of-the-art planning for climate change threats.  Curt Spalding spent Wednesday seeing firsthand the tools coastal managers have already put into place.

EPA head Curt Spalding tours areas affected in Rhode Island.
Credit Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

The state’s Coastal Resources Management Council and its partners at the University of Rhode Island have developed statewide maps with information about projected storm surges, seal level rise, and other coastal changes in Rhode Island. They’ve also developed a guide for homeowners on how to protect their properties from storm flooding and coastal erosion. Curt Spalding said these are the types of resources the federal government wants to share with other states facing similar issues.

“That’s what I’ve come do to...is say ‘Here’s the know-how, how can I spread it with other states?’ There were conversations about what other states are doing," said Spaulding. "For the most part, it’s pretty clear this is state-of-the-art [in Rhode Island]."

The remainder of Spalding’s two-day tour includes a visit to Wickford Village in North Kingstown. He’ll learn how a pilot project there is approaching challenges related to storms and sea level rise. 

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