EPA: New England seeing fewer unhealthy ozone days

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Environmental Protection Agency says so far there have been fewer unhealthy ozone days than last year. It's due largely to a cooler summer.

Looking at data from April to September, the EPA says there were 16 days in New England when ozone monitors recorded levels above what's considered healthy. That's compared to 28 days last year.

The EPA says the drop in unhealthy ozone days is directly related to fewer days this summer with temperatures above 90 degrees. That's when it's hot enough to cook up ground-level ozone which is the key ingredient in smog.

Rhode Island registered ten unhealthy ozone days this year, down by five from last year. And Connecticut saw the biggest drop with ten fewer unhealthy ozone days.

New England's Unhealthy Ozone Days by the Numbers
2011 - 14 days
2010 - 24 days

2011 - 2 days
201 - 9 days

2011 - 3 days
2010 - 6 days

New Hampshire
2011 - 6 days
2010 - 6 days

Rhode Island
2011 - 6 days
2010 - 6 days

2011 - 1 day
2010 - 0 days

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