Ethics Commission Votes To Examine Revolving Door Complaint Against Lally

Sep 22, 2015

The state Ethics Commission unanimously voted Tuesday to investigate a revolving door complaint filed by the state Republican Party against former state Rep. Donald Lally.

"They made an initial determination that the complaint set forth facts that are sufficient to cause the commission to authorize an investigation into the allegations," said Ethics Commission spokesman Jason Grammit. "From here, we will investigate the allegations of the complaint, and the results of that investigation will go before the full commission at a later date for them to determine whether there's probable cause to believe that the employment violated the code of ethics."

The Raimondo administration hired Lally in July, four months after he stepped down as a rep. from Narragansett.

The state GOP says that hiring Lally less than a year after he left office violates the state's revolving door law, while Raimondo says hiring Lally for a senior policymaking role qualifies as a legal exemption from the law.

Gramitt said the Ethics Commission's decision to investigate the complaint came on a 5-0 vote. The commission has 180 days to complete the probe.

Lally was hired with a recommendation from House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. He has been loaned by the Raimondo administration to the state Department of Business Regulation.

Lally has not responded to a series of message seeking comment.