Ethics complaint filed against Caprio Sr.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – An ethics complaint has been filed against the father of Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor Frank T. Caprio, saying he improperly used his state
position to help a campaign supporter get a job.

Sara Quinn, a former director of the state Ethics Commission, filed it Tuesday, a few weeks after The Providence Journal reported on the actions of Caprio's father, Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio. The elder Caprio heads the Board of Governors for Higher Education.

The complaint says Judge Caprio improperly gave the supporter's resume to a board subordinate, going around the usual process. She ultimately got a job.

Quinn says the elder Caprio shouldn't use his position as an ``employment service for people who are personally connected to him.''

Caprio's campaign manager calls the complaint ``character defamation'' and says it ``smacks of politics.''

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