Executive Pay at Public Universities: How RI Measures Up

May 13, 2013

The Chronicle of Higher Education finds University of Rhode Island President David Dooley is 134th in the country when it comes to his compensation package.

According to the survey, Dooley made $368,800 in 2012, including retirement pay and deferred compensation. That’s only slightly higher than his colleagues at the University of North Dakota and the University of Montana, which the Chronicle considers similar institutions. Three other comparable schools,  the University of Nevada-Reno, the University of Mississippi and the University of Idaho, had larger executive pay packages.

The highest paid public college president in the country was Graham Spanier at Pennsylvania State, who made more than $2.9 million. Spanier no longer heads Penn State, following the sexual abuse scandal involving the school’s basketball program.

At other large New England Schools, Susan Herbst at the University of Connecticut was the top earner making $738,000 in pay and benefits, the 13th highest in the nation. The head of the University of Massachusetts system made $535,750, ranking 79th.