Exeter Town Council President Recalls Effort Unjustified

Oct 10, 2013

The president of the Exeter Town Council says an effort to recall her and three other councilors is unjustified. Some gun owners were upset when four councilors tried getting the attorney general’s office to take responsibility for issuing concealed carry permits.

A majority of the Exeter council backed a resolution asking the General Assembly to shift permit-issuing from the town clerk to the AG’s office. That legislature didn’t take any action on the request, but some gun owners around the state were still upset. Exeter Council President Arlene Hicks says the council isn’t trying to limit anybody’s access to guns.

Exeter doesn’t have its own police department. Hicks says a council majority doesn’t think the town clerk is appropriate person to give out the concealed carry permit. Hicks says that’s because the clerk doesn’t have access to the same type of law enforcement information that a police department or the AG’s office would have.

The date for a recall election hasn’t been established. The local Board of Canvassers is slated to start certifying signatures for the recall drive next Tuesday.