FAA Probing RI Pilot Whose Passengers Were Shooting out of Chopper

Sep 16, 2013

The Federal Aviation Administration has some questions for a helicopter pilot who allowed some of his passengers to fire guns from the chopper Sunday.  It happened in a rural area of Charlestown.

Late Sunday afternoon, Charlestown police received calls about men shooting handguns, shotguns and rifles from a helicopter.  They were firing at a junked car. Charlestown Police Chief Jeffrey Allen calls it reckless behavior that frightened people on the ground.

Lacked a lot of common sense and good judgment. [It] put a scare into the neighbors,” said Allen. “At this juncture it doesn't appear any Rhode Island laws were violated however the FAA is investigating it to determine whether or not the helicopter pilot was in fact violating any of their rules and regulations.”

Allen said nine men were involved in the hijinks.  He identified the pilot as Dean Scalera of Charlestown. Scalera told officers he knew people in Texas who had done the same thing. Police reminded Scalera he’s not in Texas.

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