Fatima Hospital Posts ER Wait Times

Mar 31, 2014

Fatima Hospital is now posting on its web site the approximate wait time to be seen in the emergency room. But lots of factors could change that wait time.

The American College of Emergency Physicians reports that the average waiting time in emergency rooms nationwide is just over four hours. But another report from the investigative news organization ProPublica parsed some federal data to find it’s really not that bad in Rhode Island. On ProPublica’s  Wait Watcher web site, you can plug in your zip code and bring up the average wait time for most emergency rooms in your area.

But Fatima Hospital is now posting that information on its web site. And while it might be more accurate and up-to-date because Fatima says the information will come directly from its staff, ER waiting times can change on a dime. Someone sicker might show up while you’re in line. And there are other waiting periods to consider – to see a specialist, or to be admitted or transferred.