Federal money for airport improvements

PROVIDENCE, RI – An infusion of 110 million in federal dollars will help to extend the main runway at T.F. Green Airport over the next five years. The money will also pay to mitigate noise and improve safety standards at the airport.

Senator Jack Reed was joined by local and state officials in announcing the availability of the money. Reed calls it an important step for improving one of the state's big economic generators.

"It's essential to keep T.F. Green in the forefront to give us, a competitive edge and to enhance our state's attractiveness to businesses from all over the country and the world to locate and to bring jobs to Rhode Island."

The interim head of the airport corporation, Peter Frazier, says 110 million dollars in improvements will bolster Green's reputation as an alternative to Boston's Logan Airport. "This is the Champagne day for Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, because this project is a go. Great things are going to be happening over the next five years. We will continue to be the hassle-free gateway to New England."

The Federal Aviation Administration last year approved extending the runway to allow for cross-country flights. Opponents worry about the noise and pollution that will come with larger planes landing and taking off at T.F. Green.

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