Film Explores Life Of Holocaust Survivor And Founder Of NE Holocaust Memorial

Aug 10, 2017

The documentary “Etched in Glass” follows Holocaust survivor Steve Ross, who became the driving force behind the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston.

Ross told his story to many urban teenagers, hoping it would help them overcome racism and poverty.

A native of Poland, Ross was a child when the Nazis invaded. His family entrusted him to a farmer, hoping he would be safe. But fearing for the safety of his own family if he was found to be harboring a Jew, the farmer turned him out. Now nine years old, Ross was left to fend for himself in the forest.

He lived for a time with Polish partisans but was eventually discovered by the Nazis. He says he survived through 10 Nazi camps before he was freed, and later came to the United States, settling in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The documentary about Ross's life screens this week at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Filmmaker Roger Lyons and Steve’s son, Mike Ross, spoke with Rhode Island Public Radio’s Elisabeth Harrison.

The documentary “Etched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross” screens Sunday at the Moses Brown School.