Final Phase Of Bridge Reconstruction Begins In Warwick

Aug 18, 2014

Commuters may see some delays this week as road repairs enter a final phase in Warwick.  The construction is part of the replacement of a major highway overpass.

Travelers on interstate 95 and Route 2 in the Warwick area will be most affected.  The Department of Transportation is replacing the Barton Corner Bridge, which carries 95 over Route 2. The DOT estimates it will take only about ten days to complete the project. That’s because they’re using a special construction technique known as “accelerated bridge replacement.” 

DOT crews have already constructed the new bridge.  It’s next to the highway in two pieces ready to slide into place. The last part of the project involves dismantling the old bridge and connecting the new one. DOT officials say typically this type of project could take months longer to complete. The project cost about six-and a half million dollars.

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