First Lady talks to military wives about challenges

PROVIDENCE, RI – First Lady Michelle Obama told military wives in Cranston Friday that she was there to listen as the women detailed some of the challenges their facing being married to the military.

Michelle Obama stressed that she wants Americans to understand the unique challenges facing military families, especially when it comes to employment, education and mental health. The First Lady says she and the Vice President's wife Jill Biden are raising their voices because military spouses don't like to complain.

"Because you all keep it together so well and you have strong support systems, but it still hard. Jill and I our view is that you should have to ask for the help," says Obama.

Sitting next to the First Lady were Teresa Christenson, the wife of the president of the Naval War College and Marine wife Amy King, who told Mrs. Obama about how difficult it is to get professional licenses and accreditations transferred from one state to another.

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