First Offshore US Wind Farm Now Supplying Electricity To Block Island

May 1, 2017

Deepwater Wind, the country's first offshore wind farm, is now supplying electricity to Block Island's 2,000 customers. 

Monday morning, Block Island Power Company, a utility company that services the island, turned off the diesel generators  that have powered Block Island since 1925. They transferred the island's electrical grid over to a cable that connects to energy from the wind farm a few miles off its coast. 

Jeffery Wright, president of Block Island Power Company, said switching to wind energy means cleaner air. 

"The biggest benefit is we're not going to burn nearly a million gallons of diesel fuel a year," Wright said. 

He also said the switch to clean energy cuts back on the risks associated with transporting diesel fuel to the island. 

"(The fuel) gets loaded onto a truck, it gets transported over here, it gets unloaded out of the truck and the risk of a spill is always something we're concerned with, and that risk right now was diminished a lot," Wright said. 

The wind turbines first went online in December 2016.