Fishing Industry Leaders Meet in Warwick

Apr 2, 2013

Leaders of the recreational fishing industry are holding a symposium Tuesday in Warwick. The industry wants to call attention to its economic importance to the state.

The recreational fishing industry in Rhode Island is much more than a kid with a pole in one hand, and Styrofoam cup full of night-crawlers in the other. Or so says the Vice President of the Saltwater Anglers Foundation, Rich Hittinger. He’s says the industry is a huge economic driver for the state, and one that’s often lost amid the struggles of its commercial fishing peers.

“We’ve got some of the best fishing in the world here. And it’s something that only Rhode Island has so it’s something that we need to promote.”

Hittinger says recreational fishing attracts people from outside the state. He says it’s directly responsible for around 1000 jobs.