Five takeaways from the new Brown University poll

Oct 10, 2012

We offered highlights this morning from the new Brown poll. Here’s some additional analysis:

1. Governor Lincoln Chafee’s approval rating remains low (28.5 percent, up from 22 percent in February) because he hasn’t articulated a short-term vision for trying to rejuvenate Rhode Island’s economy. The yearning for leadership is tangible; The Rhode Island Foundation, the ProJo’s Publick Ocurrences, RIPEC, and  the Ocean State Tea Party in Action are among the groups/efforts clamoring for change. Where is the response from the executive office?

2. Voters will reward elected officials, like Angel Taveras and Gina Raimondo, who have a plan and stick to it.

3. Senator Jack Reed has enduring appeal among Rhode Islanders. He may have been eclipsed by Taveras as the state’s best-liked pol, but Reed enjoyed a solid bump in his approval (to 58.5 percent, up from 46.5 percent in February) without the benefit of an election or campaign commercials.

4. Speaking of commercials, the message spots aired by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse have probably helped lift his standing out of the dumps (29.6 percent approval in February) to a more palatable range (45.4 percent).

5. Republicans who have a thin to non-existent track record in local politics (Barry Hinckley, Michael Riley) will mostly continue to face big challenges. 

Ted Nesi has more on the methodology of the Brown poll.