Fomer Mayor Of Central Falls Charles Moreau Walks Free

Feb 28, 2014

Charles Moreau, the former mayor of Central Falls is a free man. 

Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Moreau served thirteen months of a two-year prison sentence for pleading guilty to corruption charges.

However, in separate case, a federal appeals court found the same charges did not constitute criminal activity.

Moreau’s conviction was vacated on the grounds that he would plead guilty to a new charge of bribery.

U.S. Attorney General Peter Neronha says that while he’s unhappy the Moreau walked free, at least Moreau was convicted of a new charge.

“We were expecting a two year sentence. You know we can sit around all day and wish that the world were different, but the fact of the matter is the mayor walked out of court today a convicted felon.”

Under his new plea agreement, Moreau will be on probation for the next three years, perform three-hundred hours of community service, and pay a twenty-five thousand dollar fine.

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